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Rishi Eric Infanti

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A better way to practice your breathwork session:

Elevate &

Elevate your physical, mental and energetic immunity, while you Ignite your spirit and motivation to live healthy.

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Enhance & Recharge

Enhance your overall health & essence of wellbeing. Recharge yourself with vibrant healing energy.

Detox &

Detox your mental and energy fields. Experience the Breathwork techniques for embodiment .

Pranayama &
Fire Breathing

Learn & Practice the Holonomic Fire Breathwork method & Classical Yoga Pranayama techniques.

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Audio Download Course Includes 10 .mp3 files:

  • Intro to Holonomic Fire Breathing
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Precautions
  • Warm-Up Pranayama Instructional
  • Fire Breathing Instructional 
  • Fire Breathing Follow Along #1
  • Fire Breathing Follow Along #2
  • Fire Breathing Follow Along #3
  • Pruning the Chakras Meditation
  • Bonus Audio: 2-Hour Workshop


About Your Teacher & Guide

Rishi Eric Infanti

Hi, I’m Rishi Eric Infanti;

I have a Master’s Degree in Buddhist Psychology, a second Master’s Degree in Ayurvedic Science & Clinical Bodywork, and I have over 2,000 hours of formal Yoga Teacher Training. I am also an Ayurvedic Practitioner, a gifted Therapist, Bodyworker & Energy Worker, and a CEU educator and trainer for Massage Therapists & Yoga Teachers. 

I’ve been to India and back and I authored the book Marine on the Mat to teach about the experience. I’m a seven-time author, you can find me on Amazon, Audible, Spotify, & Apple Music. I’m a multi-modality therapist, bodyworker, and energy worker. Also, I’m a CEU educator of Thai Massage, Neuromuscular, Marma, Mindfulness & Yin Yoga. I’m the creator of the 500-Hour Mindfulness & Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training for PTSD Populations, I am also a Trained Tantra Practitioner.

A U.S. Marine Corps Veteran & 7-time Author, I am the author of “Marine in the Mat” & “Breath Becomes Life”, “Yoga & the Martial Way”, & “Mindfulness & Yin Yoga”; and is a Transformational Mindset & Marketing Coach for Psychologists, Therapists, Alternative Healers & Yoga Teachers.

I have 8 CrossFit Certifications. I’m Tactical Fitness, Kettlebell, and Clubbell Trained, and I have a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Plus, I’ve attended dozens of educational trainings and webinars!

I have spent years helping others gain the expertise they need to run successful yoga businesses. I’ve helped yoga teachers gain the confidence they needed to follow their dreams. I’ve designed several certifications. I also created a 12-month Yoga Teacher Training.

This is built upon a holistic & integrated approach of Mindfulness mental focusing and Yoga Meditation & Movement, which is proven to bring the human Psycho-Physiology & Psycho-Spiritual back to wholeness & oneness. The programs are delivered both live in-person or virtually where modalities are customized for each segment of health professionals.

I am a teacher of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. He has studied in Mysore, India with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois's family at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute and Acharya V. Sheshadri. His background and training includes over 2,000 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, and has been exploring the psychology of the mind-body connection to foster balance and equanimity. He has a Masters degree in Buddhist Psychology, and a second Masters degree in Consciousness Studies & Ayurvedic Science.

I have over 20+ years in Information Technology design, so I get the TECH. I know exactly how to build a website and launch online products, which is essential to becoming an online yoga teacher! I know all the steps you’re going to need to take to launch a website and move your business to the online space.

Because I have a background in technology, I might not have been in the same exact place you are now. But I have had my own challenges while creating a business for myself.

Starting out, I knew what I wanted to do. But I didn’t know how to do it. 

It took a lot of hard work, time, and energy. There were times when I was feeling confused or overwhelmed by everything that I needed to do to create the business of my dreams.

I wasn’t afraid to put in that work. But I was feeling pretty lost. I wasn’t sure which steps I needed to take and when I needed to take them. I just knew I needed to do something.

So, I took a leap. I figured out exactly what I needed to do to create my business and I began taking those steps. I educated myself so I could fully understand the process of creating a business. I wanted to do it right! 

From there, I got to where I am today. Now, I’m changing lives through my business, and I’m empowering beautiful Souls just like you.